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ODPS Office of Criminal Justice Services - Small Business Regulatory Impact

Proposed Rules and Public Hearing Notices

Public Hearing Notice: The Ohio Department of Public Safety, Office of Criminal Justice Services, pursuant to Chapter 119, Ohio Revised Code, will conduct a public hearing for the purpose of soliciting comments regarding the adoption, amendment and recession of rules.

This hearing is scheduled on May 23, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. in room 1107, located at 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43223 and continue until all parties in attendance have had an opportunity to be heard.

Rule Title
4501-8-01 Definitions.
4501-8-02 Place of business.
4501-8-03 Character and fitness for adult driver training courses.
4501-8-04 Application for and renewal of an abbreviated adult driver training school and online license.
4501-8-05 Requirements for instructors, online instructors and adult training coordinators.
4501-8-06 Qualifications for instructing persons with disabilities.
4501-8-07 Employees of the department and a licensed abbreviated adult course.
4501-8-08 Financial responsibility.
4501-8-09 Course requirements.
4501-8-10 Certificates of completion
4501-8-11 Training agreements.
4501-8-12 Required records.
4501-8-13 Vehicles used to train.
4501-8-14 Safe operation of vehicles.
4501-8-15 Use of driver examination test routes.
4501-8-16 Advertising and soliciting business.
4501-8-17 Prohibition of guarantees.
4501-8-18 Inspections and investigations.
4501-8-19 Administrative actions by the department.
4501-8-20 Process for armed forces applications.
4501-8-21 Incorporated materials.


For questions regarding OCJS rules, please contact the Rules Coordinator.