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ODPS Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Small Business Regulatory Impact

Rules Scheduled for Review

4501-47 - (Commercial Driver's License)

Rule Title Date
4501-47-01 Definitions and general provisions. 3/9/2015
4501-47-02 Waiver of commercial driver's license skills test. 3/9/2015
4501-47-03 Requirements for third-party examiners. 3/9/2015
4501-47-04 Qualifications for third-party testers. 3/9/2015
4501-47-05 Third-party testing facility. 3/9/2015
4501-47-06 Skills test administration 3/9/2015
4501-47-07 Advertising. 3/9/2015
4501-47-08 Records. 3/9/2015
4501-47-09 Character. 3/9/2015
4501-47-10 Fees. 3/9/2015
4501-47-11 Termination of third-party testing agreement. 3/9/2015
4501-47-12 Insurance. 3/9/2015
4501-47-13 Authority of Ohio highway patrol to investigate.. 3/9/2015
4501-47-14 Termination of third-party examiners. 3/9/2015
4501-47-15 Third-party testing by the department of education. 3/9/2015


4501:1-1 (Driver Licenses)

Rule Title Date
4501:1-1-24 Disqualification of commercial driver for certain convictions. 12/30/2015
4501:1-1-25 Report of peace officer; request of commercial motor vehicle driver to submit to blood, breath or urine test(s) for alcohol concentration or control. 12/30/2015
4501:1-1-26 Relief from disqualification for life from operating a commercial motor vehicle. 12/30/2015
4501:1-1-28 Skills test requirements for commercial driver examinations; waiver. 12/30/2015
4501:1-1-29 Cancellation of driver's license or commercial driver's license for falsification. 12/30/2015


For questions regarding BMV rules, please contact Rob Fragale.