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ODPS Ohio State Highway Patrol - Small Business Regulatory Impact

Small Business Regulations


What is an administrative rule?

Administrative rules amplify and implement provisions of the Ohio Revised Code and once adopted, have the full force and effect of law.

Rules Scheduled for Review

Pursuant to section 119.032 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) is required to review each of its administrative rules every five years and decide if a rule should be rescinded, amended, or continued without change. During this process, OSHP will determine if:

• OSHP has the statutory authority to promulgate the rule;

• The rule duplicates or conflicts with statutes found in the Revised Code or other rules found in the Administrative Code;

• The rule has a specific purpose and an outcome that can be articulated;

• The rule can be applied consistently across all sizes and sectors of business and would not impede economic development;

• The rule is easy to understand;

• The rule is reasonably balanced between regulatory need and Ohioans' burden to comply; and

• The outlined process in the rule is the most efficient and cost-effective method to achieving the specific outcome.

Draft Rules Open for Public Comment

The administrative rules in this section are drafts only and have not yet been filed (proposed for adoption) with LSC and JCARR.


Proposed Rules and Public Hearing Notices

The administrative rules in this section have been filed (proposed for adoption) with LSC and JCARR and may be scheduled for a public hearing. Public hearings provide another opportunity for interested persons, who may be affected by the proposed rules, to provide testimony or evidence to show that the rules would be unreasonable or unlawful if enacted.

Recently Adopted Rules

The administrative rules in this section have been approved and adopted.


For questions regarding the administrative rulemaking process, contact Rules Administrator Joe Kirk.