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Online Courses

These courses are available on the Public Safety Training Campus.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Course, Course ID: WBT650

Per OAC 4501-7-05 (C)(10), "Every training manager, instructor, and online instructor shall complete the department's online 'Sexual Harassment Training' annually." The Course ID is WBT650 Sexual Harassment Prevention Course.

Bridging the Gap, Course ID: WBT653

Bridging the Gap is the approved course for training managers to take in order to apply to be licensed for Abbreviated Adult Training. The Course ID is WBT653 Bridging the Gap.

Basic Instructor Course (Class D, Online, Disability), Course ID: WBT658

Per OAC 4501-7-05 (D)(6) Evidence the applicant has completed a basic instructor course provided and approved by the department. The course shall have been completed no more than one year prior to the date the director receives the "Driver Training Instructor License Application."

The Course ID is WBT658, Basic Instructor Course (Class D, Online, Disability). Registrants will need to take all five lessons to complete the full course.