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Operation BRIDGE

“An individual who goes to treatment is the strongest stat on the board.”

 -Lancaster Police Chief Nicholas Snyder

The Ohio Department of Public Safety leads Operation BRIDGE (Bridging Recovery & Interdiction Data Gathering Enforcement) that combines the resources of law enforcement and substance use treatment in a coordinated effort. BRIDGE operates on the premise that an imminent interruption in drug supply is likely to precipitate dangerous drug-seeking behavior from those with substance use disorder. The program focuses on the reduction of supply and demand simultaneously, prioritizing treatment for those who qualify.

How it Works

Narcotic Enforcement Saturation with Outreach Programming

Operation BRIDGE utilizes a coordinated law enforcement action to disrupt the supply of drugs to communities. Treatment and recovery resources combine with law enforcement to assist people who suffer from SUD. Deflection teams provide a proactive approach with naloxone and information, facilitate low-level offenders into treatment, and host a prescription pill take-back event.

  • Professionals Working Together: Build a network of law enforcement and substance use treatment professionals
  • Addressing Supply and Demand: Identify and remove dangerous drugs from the community
  • Connecting People to Treatment: Agencies provide on-scene, real-time interdiction, arrest, and treatment options

Interdiction and Arrest Notification

Law enforcement informs local outreach when a drug dealer is arrested or a large quantity of drugs has been diverted from a community.

Treatment and Recovery Outreach

Treatment is prioritized for low-level offenders. Outreach partners proactively supply naloxone.

Local Partnerships

We partner with local law enforcement and drug task forces; quick response and deflection teams; prosecutors and judges; prevention, treatment, and recovery centers; and public health agencies.


Ross County – May 2023

“According to Ross County George W. Lavender, law enforcement officers and treatment providers worked together to remove drugs and drug traffickers from the community and provide help and treatment to those suffering from substance abuse disorders….The operation proved to be a resounding success, with various drugs being confiscated… Outreach providers made 231 contacts with individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders during the operation.”
Source: Scioto Valley Guardian

Fairfield County – October 2022

“We know once they are in the system, it becomes increasingly difficult for those folks once they get out of jail, to gain employment, to find suitable housing,” Major Crimes Unit Commander Dennis Lowe said. “Lancaster Police Chief Nicholas Snyder said while they made dozens of traffic stops, “an individual who goes to treatment is the strongest stat on the board.”

Source: ABC6

Lawrence & Scioto Counties – April 2022

“During the traffic stop, which was part of a two-day drug interdiction effort named Operation BRIDGE, troopers seized 405 grams of fentanyl worth approximately $52,650.”

Source: Union County Daily Digital

METRICH Enforcement Unit

METRICH Lt. Steve Blust said the operation was a success… Blust stated the collaboration between the Richland County law enforcement agencies and the METRICH Enforcement Unit continues to have a positive impact on removing illegal drugs coming into the Mansfield, Richland County communities, while getting the proper help to those in need.

Source: Richland County Opiate Board