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SOLVE - State of Ohio Law Enforcement Virtual Exchange

The State of Ohio Law Enforcement Virtual Exchange (SOLVE) was born out of Governor DeWine’s RecoveryOhio plan and supports RecoveryOhio recommendations #28 - Expanding Law Enforcement’s Role; #56 - Decreasing the Supply of Drugs; and #73 - Data Coordination and Sharing and Care Coordination.

SOLVE will feature real-time data sharing, state-of-the-art data analytics, robust searching and reports, and crime prediction. The system will also assist law enforcement in identifying connections and networks among criminals and will integrate with state and federal deconfliction systems.

In 2019, DPS convened the Ohio Task Force Commanders’ Association (OTFCA) to identify Ohio law enforcement data sharing needs and challenges. A working group of OTFCA members was developed to generate recommendations for the development of the SOLVE system. SOLVE is currently in user acceptance testing for a case management system. For more information, email: SOLVE@dps.ohio.gov