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Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV
Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is closely monitoring the 2019 novel (new) Coronavirus first identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

The first case in the United States was announced January 21, 2020 in Washington state. There are ongoing investigations by the CDC to learn more. There are currently no known cases in Ohio. ODH is providing guidance to state and local health agencies and healthcare providers.

Amy Acton, MD, MPH, Director of ODH, declared novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), a Class A reportable infectious disease on January 23, 2020.

Classifying a disease as Class A means that confirmed or suspected cases of nCoV must be reported immediately to the local health district where the person lives (or the local health district where the person is being evaluated if the person’s residence is unknown or not in Ohio). Required reporters include physicians providing care, administrators in charge of hospitals, clinics or other institutions providing care or treatment, laboratory administrators, or any individual having knowledge of a person with nCoV.

CDC has advised healthcare providers to obtain a detailed travel history for patients being evaluated with fever and acute respiratory illness, and to immediately notify their local or state health department in the event that they have a patient under investigation for 2019-nCoV.

For more information, please visit the Ohio Department of Health's Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV webpage.