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Ohio ASSIST is offered as a supplement to current peer-support teams. Ohio ASSIST Post Critical Incident Seminar (PCIS) is a three-day program that provides counseling, peer support, and education for Ohio’s safety services personnel, their families, retirees and coworkers.

The Post Critical Incident Seminars are currently scheduled in Ohio twice per year. Ohio also partners with other states including South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Texas, so a PCIS is available to first responders, spouses, and retirees 10 months out of the year.

This program is offered to any service personnel including, but not limited to: all sworn officers (trooper, police, sheriff, agent, ODNR officer, corrections officer or federal officer), EMS personnel, dispatchers, professional staff, their spouse/significant other, military/veterans and retirees who have been involved in any event that results in an overwhelming sense of vulnerability and/or loss of control.

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