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Apply for the Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program
Extensive roof and exterior damage to a home with blue siding.

The Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program was developed by the Ohio Emergency Management Agency to provide a rebate for the purchase and installation of safe rooms for Ohio homeowners.

Qualified homeowners selected for the program are eligible for a rebate of 75 percent of the allowable costs to install and construct their safe room, up to $4,875. This is a "REBATE" program, only AFTER the installation, construction, and payment of a safe room will selected and qualified applicants be reimbursed for eligible costs.

In tornado and hurricane-prone areas, safe rooms are an integral part of protecting lives and preventing serious injuries when violent storms occur. Safe rooms can help provide “near-absolute protection” from injury or death caused by dangerous forces of extreme winds.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), “near-absolute protection” means occupants of a safe room have a very high probability of being protected during a tornado or hurricane. FEMA safe rooms are constructed to withstand winds up to 250 mph — equivalent to an EF5 tornado.