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About ODPS
About ODPS

The Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) works to improve statewide security through a variety of efforts:

Keeping Drugs off the Streets

Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers make an impact on Ohio’s roadways by interdicting drugs, giving the same high priority to criminal patrol efforts as traffic safety. The OSHP fosters broad interagency partnerships and uses shared information from its partners and the public to disrupt the drug supply line to and through Ohio.

Reducing Traffic Fatalities on Ohio’s Roadways

During recent years, traffic crashes and fatalities have been among the lowest in Ohio’s recorded history. In 2013, Ohio led the country with the largest reduction in fatalities.

Creating a National Model to Improve Community and Police Relations

Ohio has worked to improve community-police relations and to find solutions to the tension between community members and the police that serve them. The Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board, a 12-person panel of law enforcement experts and community leaders from across the state, established the first statewide standards for the use of force, including use of deadly force, and agency employee recruitment and hiring, which can help guide Ohio’s law enforcement agencies.

Working to End the Exploitation of Children, Women and Men

In 2012, Ohio was one of the first states to create a full-time anti-human trafficking coordinator position to facilitate the efforts of identifying victims, creating a law enforcement system to investigate and prosecute human trafficking crimes and providing the services and treatment necessary for victims to regain control of their lives.

Keeping Ohio Students Safe

As part of the Safer Schools Ohio initiative, the Ohio Department of Public Safety makes protecting Ohio’s children and young adults among its highest priorities. The Center for P-20 Safety and Security, established through the initiative and now part of the Ohio Department of Public Safety, provides an increased level of support to schools and universities. Its 844-SaferOH tip line allows students and adults to anonymously share information with school and law enforcement officials about threats to student safety. It accepts calls and text messages 24/7.

Providing a Helping Hand in Emergencies

With its forward-leaning emergency response continuum, the Ohio Department of Public Safety is able to support all its partners through its 24/7 year-round watch office at the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

Improving Customer Protection

Ohio is leading the country as the first state to begin piloting portable driver simulator systems, which assess customer readiness for road examination to help ensure the greater safety of driver examiners, other customers and other motorists on the road.

Ohio is safer and better place to live, work and travel, because of our collective efforts. However, the Department recognizes that its primary responsibility to protect Ohio’s citizens can only be accomplished through a strong commitment and collaboration with public and private sector representatives throughout the state to coordinate programs that maintain the safety and security of Ohio’s citizens and critical infrastructure.